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About Us

Previously known as Mail and Print, you are in good hands with our knowledgeable and friendly team. Based in Penrose, Auckland, we service the print, design and promotion needs of a wide range of businesses – throughout New Zealand.

The name change to PDP Studio reflects the changes of focus in our business, as we move with the times. But, rest assured, it is only the name that has changed. We are still the same team in the same location.

We’ve been around a while now – since 2006. This time in the print – design – promotional products market has developed a wealth of knowledge in our field. We like to help and have assisted our customers with a myriad of projects over the years.

PDP Studio Staff

The central team:
Account Manager – Lacey Parsons
Senior Graphic Designer – Sina Avei

Owners – Barbara Wadams & Graham Wadams


Proudly part of the Printing.com network since 2008. Printing.com provides a central print hub for us. We can ‘gang up’ jobs with others allowing economies of scale on all jobs.  Through our connection with Printing.com we deliver local, personal and individual service, using cutting-edge technology which is powered by a world-class integrated supply chain.

However, we can also draw on other specialists in the wholesale print industry. This extends our range of services. Try us with your tricky request.


Your identity and your brand are a crucial part of your business. Your marketing materials need to tie in together with your branding and message.

Our graphic Designer, Sina (and her team) is extremely popular with our clients. To get a professional look you need to leave it to a professional. Whether you require a refresh of your branding or professional looking marketing collateral contact Sina to discuss.


We may have started off as a mail house and printer, but over the years we have expanded into the area of promotional products, exhibition and display resources.

Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts are now very popular with our customers.  1000’s of items available, jiust waiting to add your branding.

Environmentally responsible products, catalogues for specific industries, a thank you to your staff or customers – we have it all. 

Mail Solutions. Direct Mail campaigns are making a come-back and are being used as part of a campaign, alongside digital methods. Talk to us about the bulk mail rates. 

The Environment & Us

Printing.com works because we use as few resources as we can. Fewer resources equal less waste. We simply could not afford to offer you such low prices if we were wasteful or inefficient. The print industry is one of the few industries to substantially reduce its environmental impact since the establishment of the Kyoto Baseline measurements in 1990. and we are proud of our position as a leader in sustainability in print for New Zealand.

Waste Management

Wherever possible, we separate our waste for recycling. Active recycling occurs for aluminium printing plates, packaging, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, office waste and digital print waste products.

Going Veggie

Our inks are vegetable oil based, contain less than 1% mineral oils, and are made from renewable sources. (Traditional printing inks are mineral solvent based).

Computer To Plate

We are advanced users of CTP systems eliminating the need for film and its associated chemistry from the prepress process. The adoption of CTP has been credited with being a major factor in the print industries massive improvements (97%) on key indicators from the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol baselines in 1990. We are early adopters of CTP and today all printing plates we make are CTP.

Chemical Reduction

Chemical and solvent usage has been systematically reduced. We recover and recycle the press wash up solution. All wash up solutions have been changed to Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) washes. The use of low VOC washes reduces the amount of emissions from the wash up process by 60% or more.

The Use Of Alcohol In Printing

Isopropyl alcohol is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the printing industry due to its high volatility. We use the minimum amount of IPA in our printing processes and are actively pursuing technologies that will allow further reduction in the use of IPA.

Water and Energy

We have undertaken many initiatives to reduce water and power consumption. Improvement in this area is continuous with regular review of best practice opportunities. One example of reduction pursued is the re-positioning of water activation sensors in the CTP plate process. By moving the sensors that activate the water flow closer to when the plate actually needs it, as much as 6 litres of water per plate can be saved. The effect of this is obvious when you consider that we make in excess of 3,000 plates per month.

Contact Us

PDP Studio | Printing.com Penrose
55 Hugo Johnston Drive, Penrose
Auckland 1061,
New Zealand
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(09) 5257760

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