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Clever Things to Mail

Clever Things to Mail

Direct mail is a really effective marketing tool — and we’ve got lots of clever things for you to mail. Your best customer just found your competitor. Send shivers running down your spine? Let’s face it, if you don’t contact your customers regularly, someone else sure will. It’s a fact that many businesses lose customers through simple apathy. Not because their service was awful, or their product was terrible. Just because they didn’t seem bothered enough to keep in touch. That’s sad. Keep your relationship fresh by contacting your customers regularly.

Give them exclusive deals, special offers and private sales. All they want is a bit of love and attention.

Take The Junk Out Of Your Mailing…

…It’s Only Junk If It’s Not Targeted

You’ll get a much better response if you follow these golden rules of direct mail:

Contact your current customers first

They’re a gold mine! Get the most from them first with mailings targeted to their individual needs.

Buy the best mailing list you can

Don’t give your postie more work — use addresses that aren’t likely to be returned undelivered.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Better to mail the same person three times, than mail three different people. It takes repetition for your message to sink in.

Make it personal

In this electronic age, there’s no excuse for sending standard letters — personalise every one.

Write like a friend

When you’re writing, imagine you’re speaking to an individual and your copy will sound much more friendly and appealing.

Keep it simple

Give them enough information to get to the next step, but don’t overwhelm them. Features bore, benefits sizzle. Explain how their life will improve — not what the buttons do. Tell them about the buns, not the ovens!

Test, test, test

Try different mailings with different groups and figure out what works best. Have some fun.