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Companies saving money using new Print brand management system

What is brand demand? Brand demand is a simple brand print management system that is gaining popularity in Auckland with franchises and larger companies where brand protection is critical and administrative costs are looking to be reduced. The new system allows a company to create their own business cards, promotional flyers, presentation folders, and other printed marketing materials while controlling the brand output, brand colours, sizing, style and so on.It is impossible to change the branding and the interface for the user is very user friendly and easy to manage. End result is huge efficiencies on both sides (customer and printer) and a very satisfied client.

What is brand management Brand management typically means controlling the output of all brand collateral ensuring the consistency is upheld. Prior to brand demand this involved extra staff members and lot of manual intervention. Brand Demand removes all the problems, labour costs and errors making it the go to solution for corporate companies in New Zealand. “Who can manage my brand and my printing” is a popular question we get asked on a regular basis as companies look to steam line their operational expenditure and ensure brand guidelines are constantly being met. Franchises in particular have identified the huge labour costs involved in printing business cards, letterheads, folders, promotional materials and there for were looking for the best web to print software to manage this. The difficulties with web to print software were the difficulties in maintaining the relationships with printerrs who were able to recognise the software coupled with print businesses closing and owners changing it was hugely unsuccessful The sole purpose was also to push down margins for the printer and therefore quality was often jeoparidised.

This was why PRINTING.COM came up with brand demand as using its national supply power it made perfect sense to the big brands and the franchises that consistency and dupply will alwasy be A good example of where resources are being used in efficiently is when a new staff member starts at a company The first thing to do is to organise new business cards which if done the traditional method can be time consuming. The information has to be relayed to the printer, the printer needs to set it up and then generate a proof, send the proof to the client where by the brand guidelines are checked, the data is checked and then it is sent back potentially with some minor changes and then a new proof is generated all over again It is exhausting just writing about it The new brand print management system called “Brand Demand” eliminates all these steps and makes the process more efficient, faster and with only two sets. is generated and then the approval is made to print.