Environmental policy

Environmental Policy

PDP Studio, through its partnership with Printing.com, actively pursues a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, creating new eco-friendly products and devising new methods and processes.

The following actions that have been taken to lower our environmental impact:

Sustainably Sourced Paper

  • Printing.com’s recommended paper stocks are sourced from mills certified ISO 14001 in environmental management.
  • The mill supplying uncoated paper is self-sufficient in water and power, with waste CO2 used in the paper whitening process.
  • Pulp comes from farmed trees interspersed with other crops, to maintain local biodiversity.
  • Our coated paper is produced without the use of elemental chlorine, so has virtually no toxic emissions.
  • The pulp comes from certified and audited WMF (Well Managed Forests) plantations.
  • These forests absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, helping the environment.
  • PDC will continue to promote environmentally sustainable paper choices.

Chemical Reduction

  • Chemical and solvent usage has been systematically reduced.
  • The inks used on our offset printing press are made from Acylated Resins. They contain no mineral oils, vegetable oils or VOCs.
  • Isopropyl alcohol has been eliminated from PDC’s printing processes.
  • Recovery and recycling the press wash up solution.

Production Methods

  • PDC aggregate many orders with shared specification and print all jobs in the same batch. This production method allows up to 90 jobs to be run as efficiently as if it were one job.
  • PDC also employ high speed inkjet using environmentally friendly water based die inks.
  • Computer to Plate System (CTP). All printing plates use this system, eliminating the need for film and its associated chemistry from the prepress process.

Waste Management

  • Wherever possible, waste generated at PDC is separated for recycling. Active recycling occurs in all areas of our business.

We Care!

The combination of the above ensures Printing.com is able to provide a sustainable print service for New Zealand.