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How To Write Perfect Copy For A Leaflet

Staring at a blank sheet of paper, wondering where to begin?

You’re not alone, we’ve all been there, so here are 6 tips (from Brielle Williams – Marketing Tips, Printing.com) we want to share with you to help you get started.

1. Focus on your HEADLINE Most people only get as far as the headline, so make it count and make it require attention. Ask a question to generate curiosity. Perhaps point out a problem that your business can solve. Think about the single biggest benefit your company offers a customer and focus on this.

2. Less is more Don’t try to say too much, or squeeze too much text into your leaflet or flyer. Let your text breathe and leave room for white space. The less copy to have the more likely it is to be read. No one like to be confronted by small type and lots of words – generally we switch off and can’t be bothered to wade through it all.

3. Sell the Sizzle, not the sausage Think about the benefits of what you are selling, not the features. People want to know the advantages your product or service offers them, not the features of it. For example we provide printing, however, one of the benefit’s of printing through us is we can also help you out with brand strategy, design, your website, promotional products and even flags, footpath signs and so much more. We are a one stop marketing shop. What makes your business unique? Differentiate yourself from your competitors and make sure you communicate how you’re different. It’s important to not simply be a me-too product competing on price only.

4. Overcome the hurdles Think about some of the obstacles that someone might find to do business with you and focus on how you overcome these. This type of thinking works in your leaflet but also helps your entire business stay focused on the customer and their needs and their reservations.

 5. What’s your call to action? Don’t leave your reader hanging. Tell them what you want them to do – everyone needs instruction. Perhaps you want them to visit your website for further information, or pick up the phone? Perhaps you need them to visit you in store? Try making this demand into an incentive, by inviting them to come in and visit you in return for something free or for the chance to win something. Consider introducing a limited time offer to add a little pressure too.

6. It’s all about you No, not you but you, your customer. People pay more attention to your message if they feel you are talking to them personally and that you understand their unique set of issues. Be sure to show how your product will specifically help them.

LeafletsOnce you’ve written your copy, then walk away for a little while. Come back and read it again to check for flow. Then read it again to check for spelling or grammar errors. There’s nothing worse than reading something with spelling errors. If you’re not very good at spelling then give it to someone else, or read all your text working backwards from the end, as this forces you to focus on each word.

If you need help with the final design of your leaflet, contact us – our graphic designer can help. And once you’re happy with your leaflet, you can rely on us to print it.

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