(previously MailandPrint)

Introducing SmartPrint for Catalogues, Manuals, Workbooks etc

SmartPrint uses high speed inkjet …. a technology that, for many applications, just can’t be beaten.

Benefits like low cost, short run, full colour, zero inventory and fast delivery can drastically reduce the cost and risk.
No longer do you need to commit to a large run of a catalogue, manual, booklet etc in order to take advantage of the lower costs.

So often changes are required (price change, specification change) long before the supply of printed material has been all used. This difficulty is no longer an issue with the SmartPrint system.

Order short runs without the price penalty. Many clients have described this method as ‘colour printing at black and white prices’.

In some cases the printed product is more suitable to offset printing, or digital printing (we can help with these also), but it is really ideal for items such as: workbooks, manuals, price lists, some catalogues, text books, reports etc.

Imagine a print world with no warehousing, no obsolescence, colour instead of black and white, long run pricing for short run orders. Perfect bound, stitched, wire – it doesn’t matter. Oh, and it can be personalised also with the variable data option.

SmartPrint has arrived and it can save you a small fortune.