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School Board Of Trustees Elections 2019

Three years rolls around fast and here we are in 2019, with every school in New Zealand needing to prepare and carry out the election of its School Board. Printing.com, Ellerslie –  Mail and Print has a long history of assisting school Returning Officers with this BIG job.

A guide for Returning Officers put out by the Ministry of Education “Returning Officers’ Handbook 2019-2022” is a great place to start understanding the steps and procedures involved.

Mail and Print can come in at Step 4 “Calling for and accepting Nominations”.  Mail and Print can print the nomination forms and send them out to the parents/caregivers, thereby alleviating work for the schools.

If schools wish to send these out themselves, Mail and Print offers a discount on printed post-included envelopes.

Step 5: The Election. If there are more nominees than positions available the school will need to go to election. Here Mail and Print can print the Candidates Statements, the Election Form and Covering letter. Again, we send these out to the Parents or Caregivers, along with a Reply-Paid envelope to send the voting form back.  Our mail inserting service can handle various pages going into the one envelope, including the returning envelope. The advantage of a Reply-Paid returning envelope is that the school will only pay the postage on those that are actually used. However, to use Reply-Paid envelopes the school must set up an account with NZ Post AND have a PO Box address. Mail and Print can assist with that as well.

There is a very tight deadline between the close off for nominations and when the election must be held. Another reason to use Mail and Print. We have the machinery and staff to get these tight turnaround times.

Step 6: Declaration of Results. This is up to the school to complete. Please read the Handbook pages 13, 17, 22 for details.