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Web to Print | Print management solutions in Auckland

web-to-print There is a new term in town and it is called web to print. It is also called print management, brand management and a few other terms however the principles of the terms are all similar and Auckland business owners love it due to the security it offers, the time it saves and most of all the cost. The printing is competitively priced and the labour saving for an organization is huge. Why do Auckland companies use brand management tools such as brand demand? The answer is simple, see below for an example of what can go wrong when print management is handled by internal staff. You will remember I am sure when printing turned up at the office and it was wrong. Everybody blamed each other and the end result was it ended up in the bin The colours were different, the brand had been modified in error and the print job was thrown away as it was unusable. This typically occurs when a junior staff member or a new staff member get allocated the job of ordering the printing. Then it goes from bad to worse when the sales agent or manager whose cards are being printed asks for some colour and size changes to be made and the new person obliges. The changes are made and all of a sudden the brand is compromised and the printing differs from other forms in the office. Oh dear Well you can avoid that now, and save some money with our new web to print system called Brand Demand. Using our templates your staff only have the option to fill in names, and other detail for new printing. The brand, colours, sizing and so on is 100% protected and nothing can go wrong. The software is easy to use to use as shown here. Although this is not our software below it does sum up nicely why you should be considering web to print in your business .