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Why Use Rack Cards?

Rack Cards are a popular and cost-effective promotional piece to showcase who you are, what you do, where to find and contact you.

Don’t know the term ‘rack card’?  Just think of all those rectangular cards you see lined up in display racks. They are often used to target prospective customers or guests in areas with heavy foot traffic, like a tourist kiosk, tradeshow, or conference and drive people to your website.

The major difference between a rack card and a brochure, which is what most people are familiar with, is that it’s generally cheaper to print a rack card. Also, when people pick up rack cards, they’ll generally keep them around longer too. Having a rack card professionally designed costs less because it’s one sliver of paper, usually double-sided; not three panels that are double-sided, like a brochure.

Rack cards have a lot to offer your business. Though smaller than brochures and flyers, rack cards can convey information at a glance. As they are printed on card and in a simple format, people tend to pick it up, flip it over to read both sides for information. You can quickly convey your key points at a glance.

Other popular uses for rack cards are:

Price Lists – Gift Voucers – Food Menus – Invitations – Postcards – Promotions – Events – Accommodation – Attractions – Specials

What Essentials Should You Include On Your Rack Card?

A. Eye-catching Photos, Phrases and Slogans.
Keep in mind that if you are displaying your rack card in a display rack, only the top third will be immediately visible. You’ll want your most engaging concepts to be in this third. Keep minor details near the bottom.

B. Outline your Benefits, Features, Incentives.
Now you have your reader’s attention, you must demonstrate what makes you, your product or your offer something special. Pick a few of your most compelling points and focus on those. Do not clutter up with too much detail. The objective is to drive your reader to your website, or to contact you for more information.

C. Call To Action.
Provide a way for the reader to follow up. A call to action will let readers know what they can do to cash in on your latest promotion etc. In a prominent place on your card, tell readers to call your company, advise the web address and physical location if that is applicable.
Provide the information that will most help clients reach out to you.

As I said at the beginning…. Why Use Rack Cards?
Because they are a popular and cost-effective promotional piece to showcase who you are, what you do, where to find and contact you.